About C3
In the simplest terms, Community Coupon Corporation (C3) is a company that produces, sells and distributes coupon books to millions of people. Our story and the opportunities we offer are much larger than that. We offer a unique program that places your product or message in the hands of a huge segment of our population that is otherwise hard to reach Ė the underbanked and unbankable.

The Underbanked and Unbankable

In addition to putting our coupon book into the hands of consumers in all demographic classes, our program is tailored to reach a large share of the over 35 million consumers who are considered (or consider themselves) un-bankable. These are the same people who stand in line to get their checks cashed and then drive all over town to pay their bills in cash. Most of these people would like to have a bank account; they just canít get one because their credit rating is too low or non-existent.

C3 Revolution
C3 has managed to successfully bring together major Fortune 100 companies that will offer the consumer a program that canít be refused. Our program not only allows these consumers to acquire a new electronic bank account, but also gives them an opportunity to get a free, state-of-the-art Motorola cell phone and a one-price cellular plan just by redeeming our coupons. We are bringing some of the largest corporations in the world together in an effort to introduce a revolutionary way for consumers to manage their finances while getting something they already use Ė a new cell phone. This program makes our coupon books very valuable and the most desirable coupon books in the country.