Our primary source for getting this program into the hands of the un-banked is through Coupon Books offered by Community Coupon Corporation (C3). C3 has a proven track record and the ability to reach a broad demographic market quickly and easily. Sales of these coupon books will be even easier with the incredible incentives being offered by our 3 primary corporate sponsors. In 2008 Community Coupon Corporation (C3) will have over 3 million coupon books in circulation.

Free to Students

C3 distributes a bulk on our coupons book to over 80 colleges coast to coast. Books are given to college students for free.

Fund Raising
C3 Coupon Book are a huge source of fundraising for high schools, middle schools, churches and youth organizations.

Tax Filing services
An additional source for distribution is through the tax services that work directly with this segment of the population. We provide an incentive program to our tax associates when they offer coupons to customers as their taxes are being filed.